Solvalla gym

Get into shape in Solvalla’s gym, close to nature and training tracks!

Mon–Sat 07.45–22.00*

Sun 07.45–15.00*

*Opening hours may vary according to bookings.


6 months membership = 90 euro 

You can train year-round in Solvalla’s gym. In the gym you can use weights, train using your own body weight, or machines for the main muscle groups. We offer you the chance to try out the gym and get started free of charge.  After a free trial, you can buy gym cards for 6 months at a time. For those looking for group exercise, we offer exercise sessions with a group leader twice a week. If you would rather train on your own with a trainer or need some help in getting started at our gym, you can use our personal trainer services. Contact us to book a visit or for more information.


    • Reception Solvalla

    • Tel:
      +358 9 867 8430

    • Contact
    • Jimmy Lindfors

      Contact person in Uusimaa

    • Tel:
      +358 40 166 2385

    • Jimmy handles sales and bookings at Solvalla in Espoo

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    • Contact
    • Karoliina Laaksoharju

      Contact person Uusimaa

    • Tel:
      +358 50 490 8818

    • Works in Solvalla on courses, sports-related events and projects.

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