World Muscle Society Conference 2020 - Folkhälsan

30 September 2020

World Muscle Society Conference 2020

The official start of the World Muscle Society conference is today. From Folkhälsan Research Center, the Nemaline Myopathy research group and group Udd are participating. Furthermore, we have two oral presentations and several poster talks.

The World Muscle Society (WMS), founded in 1995, is a multidisciplinary society for professionals involved in the study of neuromuscular disorders and the management of patients with those disorders.

The WMS aims to provide a multidisciplinary scientific forum to advance and disseminate knowledge in neuromuscular field for the benefit of patients, to stimulate, encourage and help to develop programs for professionals working in the neuromuscular field, encourage collaboration, provide opportunities for young researchers within the field, and advance the standards of clinical practice. 

The annual WMS conference is held this week and from Folkhälsan Research Center researchers from the Nemaline Myopathy group as well as group Udd are participating.


Link to the WMS conference 2020 program here.

Link to WMS website here.


Simon Granroth, Science Communicator