Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab

For a society where everyone has a prospect of a good life

We offer environments and support for a good life in all its stages, for everyone from babies to seniors. We support development, improvement and well being – psychologically, physically and socially. Our mission is to offer these services in Swedish.

Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab is responsible for Folkhälsan's service production in Uusimaa, Turunmaa ja Ostrobothnia and in some language islands in other areas. Our activities include daycare centers, after-school activities, summer camps, services for the elderly, therapies and assesments, rehabilitation, services for people with disabilities, support for families, children's homes and family shelters.

Folkhälsan Välfärd employs 950 persons and a significant number of temporary staff. Our strenght is the way we treat people: we see the individual in every person that we work with. We know that a person by themself, with the right support and service, can make a good life for themselves, even in vulnerable situations. The starting point for all our work is a health-enhancing frame of thought and it is based o current research insights.

Our direction

We contribute to environments where children can grow up secure and thriving, and a better everyday life for people of all ages and in different situations. We develop, offer and maintain wellbeing services thoroughly rooted in competence, commitment and care.
We develop, offer and maintain wellbeing services thoroughly rooted in competence, commitment and care. We are a forerunner in innovative and high quality service. We create a paradigm of what a good life in Finland can be.

Our activities

Our work is built on a strong value foundation of competence, commitment and care. For over a century, Folkhälsan has conducted own research and world class research cooperation. It has helped us develop our ways of thinking and working, and our knowledge. We have well-educated employees who continuously develop themselves.

We meet people in all stages of life and from all backgrounds equally and inclusively. We are responsive to their needs. We want to ensure an even, equal and reliable quality of service for our customers and security for our employees.


    • Anna Litonius

      CEO, Folkhälsan Välfärd Ab

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