Folkhälsans förbund

Promoting health, quality of life, and the sense of community in our living areas

Folkhälsans förbund (Folkhälsan’s Federation) combines the roles of a health-promoting voluntary organization and an expert institution. Folkhälsans förbund is formed by four regional associations (Uusimaa, Åboland, Åland and Ostrobothnia), which are in turn comprised of 98 independent local associations with a total of around 19,000 members.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Voluntary activities
  • Health-promoting activities
  • Lifestyle issues (physical activity, diet and recovery)
  • Family work and social relations

Health promotion takes place at various levels. We seek to:

  • Have a positive influence on people’s lifestyles
  • Contribute to local living environments that support health and quality of life, for example at day care centres, at schools, and in housing for the elderly
  • Influence legislation and social planning in order to improve the opportunities for healthy living for everyone


    • Viveca Hagmark

      Director, Folkhälsans förbund

    • Tel:
      +358 50 380 6716

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    • Mia Käld

      Economics and administrative assistant, Folkhälsans förbund

    • Tel:
      +358 44 757 8866

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