Reporting of suspected misconduct (whistleblowing)

The whistleblowing procedure is about providing a reliable channel to people for raising concerns. The channel can be accessed by anyone who has acquired information about suspected misconduct or unlawful acts in their work.

Make a whistleblower report

En vissla av metall med rött band

At Folkhälsan, we take suspicions of misconduct and violations of law very seriously and want to offer a confidential channel for reporting them. We encourage our staff and other stakeholders to maintain an open culture of discussion where people can feel free to voice any shortcomings in time, so that they can be remedied.

What can be reported?

Suspected misconduct that can be reported in the whistleblower channel may be a violation of law or an act or omission contrary to Folkhälsan’s ethical principles, with potential harmful effects on the organisation, its customers or its partners. For example, it can concern suspected financial irregularities, or practices that conflict with consumer protection legislation.
The channel is open to all Folkhälsan employees and other stakeholders who in their work or in relation to it have come across information about misconduct at Folkhälsan. Folkhälsan employees are encouraged to primarily report their suspicions to their immediate manager or to the HR personnel.
Reports must be submitted in good faith only.
Please note that the whistleblower channel is not intended for providing customer feedback or voicing complaints.

Report handling and confidentiality

Maintained by an external supplier, Folkhälsan’s whistleblower channel enables anonymous reporting. No such data is saved in the channel that would enable the identification of the reporting person.
Reports filed through the whistleblower channel are received by a unit designated for the purpose. The unit is responsible for processing the report, for investigating the matter and, where necessary, for the matter to be passed on to the relevant body for decision-making and further action. The processing is done confidentially, also in cases where the reporting person themselves states their identity.
During reporting, you will receive an automatically generated random username and password, with the help of which you can anonymously carry out a dialogue with Folkhälsan’s whistleblower unit and follow the processing of your report. To this end, you need to save the temporary username and password.

Processing of personal data in the whistleblower channel

When processing personal data, we comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life (759/2004) and the Data Protection Act (1050/2018). Read more here.