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Strength, happiness and compassion

To strengthen psychological well-being and resources in children, parents and school-staff through positive psychology interventions.

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Through theory, new research findings and practical tools from the area of positive psychology and neuropsychology our main goal is to develop intervention programs that work to strengthen children’s psychological well-being and mental resources. We also work to strengthen the well-being of parents and school staff as enhanced well-being in important adults around the children might further increase the well-being of children.

We evaluate our interventions with a broad scope of methods, including questionnaires, experience sampling techniques and physiological measurements.

The study is performed in two stages. As positive psychology is a new area, we start out with pilot studies to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the interventions. We aim our pilot studies towards 1) children (11-12 year-olds), 2) parents and 3) school staff. The pilot studies are performed in the Helsinki area, Ostrobotnia and the Turku region during the years 2016-2018. In the second stage of the project we will put the results from the pilot studies together to form a general program for well-being and flourishing in schools. Our aim is to test and implement this program in Swedish schools in Finland from 2019 onwards.

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Åse Fagerlund, PI, PhD, child neuropsychologist, CBT psychotherapist 

Mari Laakso, PhD studentDimitri Paile, PhD student and study assistant

Dimitri Paile, PhD student and study assistant

Stefania Fält, PhD student

Pehr Jakobsson, study coordinator

Julia Simonsen, assistant (part-time)

Rejane Figueiredo, study statistician (part-time)

University of Helsinki (Department of Behavioral Sciences)

Åbo Akademi University (Teacher education)

Hem och Skola Förbundet - The Home School Association for Swedish Schools in Finland

VIA Institute on Character Strengths, USA

Geelong Grammar School, Australien


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