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DAGIS – Increased Health and Wellbeing in Preschools

The DAGIS project focuses on socioeconomic differences in pre-schoolers’ energy balance-related behaviours (EBRB) and stress regulation and how they are influenced by factors at preschool and at home. A large survey was conducted in preschools in 2015-2016 and a 5-month intervention to EBRBs and stress regulation skills 2017-2018.

DAGIS (Increased Health and Wellbeing in Preschools) is a consortium study focusing on energy balance-related behaviours (EBRB) and stress regulation in Finnish pre-schoolers (3-6-year olds). DAGIS is especially interested in following EBRBs, fruit and vegetable intake, intake of sugary (everyday) foods and drinks-enriched foods, physical activity, sedentary behaviours, and stress regulation and how they are associated with socioeconomic status. DAGIS aim is to use preschool as a health promoting setting to improve EBRBs and to decrease socioeconomic differences among children in these behaviours.

The project consists of two phases, the first phase, a needs assessment (responsible researcher Eva Roos), included a cross-sectional survey (2015-2016) where data on energy balance-related behaviours (EBRBs: sedentary and dietary behaviours, physical activity, sleep habits) and stress regulation in Finnish 3-6-year-old preschool children and data on home and preschool environment were collected. The second phase consisted of a five-month preschool randomised controlled trial (responsible researcher Carola Ray), which was conducted in 2017-2018. The intervention program was based on the results from the needs assessment. The intervention aimed to improve children’s EBRBs and self-regulation skills and to decrease differences in EBRBs. The study is now in the publication phase, data is analysed and results are reported in articles. The consortium includes also research groups at University of Helsinki, led by Maijaliisa Erkkola and Nina Sajaniemi. DAGIS (Increased Health and Wellbeing in Preschools).


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Lead Scientist

Eva Roos, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Docent

Post-Doctoral Scientists

Carola Ray, PhD, Adjunct professor, Docent

Reetta Lehto, PhD

Marja Leppänen, PhD

Graduate Students

Riikka Kaukonen, MNutr

Suvi Määttä, MSportsSc, MSocSc


Pauliina Hiltunen, MHSci

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Samfundet Folkhälsan

Academy of Finland

Juho Vainio Foundation

Life and Health Medical Fund (Medicinska Understödsföreningen Liv och Hälsa)

Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation

University of Helsinki, Chancellor´s Travel Grant

Emil Aaltosen säätiö

Maijaliisa Erkkola, Adjunct professor, University of Helsinki, Finland

Nina Sajaniemi, Professor, University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Leena Koivusilta, , Adjuct profesoor, University of Turku, Finland

Elina Engberg, PhD, Folkhälsan Research Center, Helsinki, Finland

Katri Sääksjärvi, PhD, Institute of Health and Welfare (THL), Helsinki, Finland

Alissa Burnett, PhD, Deakin University, Australia


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