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22 September 2020

Position as Principal Investigator at the Folkhälsan Research Center

The Folkhälsan Research Center of Samfundet Folkhälsan i svenska Finland rf (the Folkhälsan Foundation) is searching for a Principal Investigator (PI) to run a research group in the Genetics Research Program located in Biomedicum Helsinki. We especially encourage in applicants from the Nordic countries to apply.

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Research at the Center focuses on genetics and health science research with a strong focus on mechanistic understanding of rare genetic disorders and on understanding how genetic and life style risk factors contribute to the development of diabetes. The research profile of the PI is expected to strengthen the Center’s research on pathophysiological mechanisms of genetic conditions and to have strong methodological expertise in some relevant field, such as cellular models and/or omics approaches.

Folkhälsan will initially provide the PI’s salary for 5 years, renewable depending on peer-review, a yearly support for salaries and consumables in the group, laboratory space, basic laboratory supplies and instrumentation as well as administrative services. The PI is expected to support the group members and the group’s operational activities with external funds. The position will be filled according to a separately negotiable time schedule.

The applications should contain an outline of the PI’s proposed research program over the next 5 years (max 5 pages), a short CV (max 3 pages), full list of publications with the 10 most important publications highlighted, bibliometric data (H-index and number of citations).

Applications should be submitted by October 16, 2020 as a single pdf file through the link.

Possible inquiries about the position should be made to Anna-Elina Lehesjoki either by email (anna-elina.lehesjoki@folkhalsan.fi) of by phone (+358-50-505 8894).

Folkhälsan Research Center: https://folkhalsan.fi/en/research/