Include everyone

Include everyone – for real!

Norm-aware working material for promoting gender equality and equal treatment in children’s and adolescent sports.

Short films dealing with participation, treating people, feelings, the atmosphere within a sports group, decision-making and strategy work as well as values. The related working material provides tools and insights for working further on the questions.

Tre ungdomar sitter på bänken vid en idrottsplan.

Not all children are heard and seen in the context of sports. Many feel that they are not capable or sufficiently good at sports. Coaches, leaders and organisations often unconsciously treat children and young people in different ways depending on, for example, gender, social status or abilities and disabilities. The expectations they face can also be different. There are still differences between the physical education classes and training for boys and girls. Often there may be too much focus on performance and seriousness and not enough on joy and togetherness.

Below, you can find working material on physical activity, gender equality and equal treatment for people who work with or instruct physical activity for children and young people and for everyone interested in the topic. The four films and the related working material are intended as an inspiration for sports clubs, school, kindergarten and children’s or youth activity and can be used in further work. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the films and working material together with your colleagues, coaches, leaders, or friends. Feel free to watch the films repeatedly to discover new phenomena related to the theme.

Educational material

At the sportsfield: Emotions and how we treat one another

This film deals with two young athletes, Mia and Oskar, who experience various feelings after a sports performance. The instructor, Anders, faces the feelings to the best of his abilities.

Start by watching the film. Reserve ample time to familiarise yourselves with the film’s working material and discuss it.

The meeting room: Decision-making and values

This film is about a sport club’s management having a meeting to handle the club’s running errands. What happens when some of the members of the management board bring up issues on equality?

After the game: Team spirit and respect

This film deals with situations in the locker room after practice. You can see what happens both when the coach is in the room and when he is not.


Team play:  Inclusion and meaningfulness

This film is about a group of children playing handball in a physical education class. The topic is the challenge of having everyone experience the feeling of participation and making the class meaningful to the participants.