FHRC establishes own ethics review board - Folkhälsan

16 June 2021

FHRC establishes own ethics review board

Folkhälsan Research Center has established its own ethics review board for the humanities.

Ethical review refers to an assessment of research that is planned, whereby the focus is on anticipating any inconveniences that the research or its results may have for the research participants.

The ethics board gives statements and carries out reviews of research projects at Folkhälsan Research Center in the humanities, social sciences and natural science research that apply to humans, and in some cases also non-interventional health science or medical research that applies to humans. Folkhälsan Ethics Review Board for the Humanities also conducts ethical reviews of research projects, for which the research publication forum, research funding or international collaborator requires such an examination.

The Ethics Review Board strives for transparency and wants to promote openness in the ethics review process. The committee's members, operating procedure and instructions for review are publicly available here (in Swedish and Finnish).